What is the real concept of charity? Find out here.

In definition, charity is the act or the way to extend kindness and love unconditionally to others, especially the less fortunate and a conscious act which is decided by heart alone without any expectations to be paid back or given a reward.

When charity is selflessly carried out, it is also a one-way act where the person who is giving is not asking for anything in return.

In nature, it is a very precious and soulful act where certain people who firmly believes that charity should always begin at your home, however, others believe that it starts within your heart.

Charity according to some comes from the heart where you feel the urge to give people who are in need which usually starts at home and have spread in giving people in the society.

Also, charity starts with the inward recognition for someone who needs to show compassion to others regardless consciously or unconsciously knowing that everyone has their own problems in life, however, charity always starts with those who know to learn how to downplay their very own problems just to help people are in greater need than them.

dr ganesh ramalingamIn this way, they can fully extend their compassion, their kindness and their love for the people, hence people who selflessly sacrifice their own need for the relief of others are called people of charity.

The sole purpose of charity is for the benefit of everyone by providing relief and assistance for people who are in need anywhere in the world.

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